Quinceanera Tiaras

5" Crystal Tiara #T88Your quinceanera day is one of the few occasions when you can wear a tiara. Combined with your gorgeous quinceanera dress, a quinceanera tiara will really make you feel like a princess!

Most tiaras can be worn with short hair styles, loose hair or up dos. Here are top tips on wearing a bridal tiara:

- Don’t be afraid to use color in your tiara. If you are having crystals, which are currently very fashionable, they are available in a wide variety of colors and you are sure to find something that matches or complements your quinceanera colors.

- Take care with the positioning of your tiara. It should be worn on the crown of the head, or further back, not on top of the forehead. If you are having your hair done professionally your stylist should be able to place the tiara in exactly the right place for you.

- Don’t be tempted to go for an over large tiara even if you like the style. Your tiara should complement your hairstyle and your quinceanera dress, not overshadow it.

- Most tiaras can be secured to your hairstyle. Making sure your tiara is secure will stop you worrying that it is going to slip and fidgeting with it throughout the day. Choose something comfortable and you should be able to forget that it is even there.

24th Sep 2015

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