Neckline Styles for your Quinces party!

Selecting your dress for your party is not an easy task; choosing the style, size, color might be a hard thing to do, so here we give you some ideas for the neckline of your dress.

Strapless Neckline

It is one of the most chosen necklines for Quinceañeras when it comes to choosing their dress. It is practically for all types of bodies, but you have to take into account that it fits perfectly to your figure and that when it is at the time of the dance, or the entrance, you do not have to raise and raise the neckline. Important the size of the cup, the bra sufficiently resistant so that it does not need a holder of strips.

Halter Neckline

It is a very elegant and sexy neck. It exposes the back, the shoulders and the arms. Help to hide the big bust and if you have a small bust you can find dresses with draping, lace or embroidery, stones and more to create a favorable bust.

Boat Neckline

It is also a very elegant neckline, forming a line from shoulder to shoulder, following the line of the clavicle and leaving the shoulders very delicately uncovered. It can be closed or very open. It is also known as a cleavage tray. The sleeves or absence of them are of great influence since it conceals the fine arms enhancing the bust.


High Swan Neckline

The Neck of Swan is very feminine and elegant. It can reach the highest part of the neck and combine shoulders and arms, with fine lace and stones. I could say that it is a neckline of illusion. It's perfect for girls with long necks and narrow shoulders.

Round Neckline

It is a discreet and feminine neck, a little unnoticed, but can play an important role for girls with little bust and also widens the shoulders. (perfect for girls with narrow shoulders). The drawback is that you tend to widen the waist or show it straight, so this type of neck is not suitable for girls a little weight gain.

26th Sep 2018

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