Gifts for Quinceañeras

Gifts for Quinceañeras

When you’re invited to a quince’s party, the first thing you think is what to give to your quinceañera and sometimes you just can’t figure out what to buy for her. Since we know the situation, we’ve been searching for some inexpensive gifts to help you out on your decision.

1.- Teddy Bears. 

This is always a nice gift because it looks cute, it is not that big and they love teddy bears. 

The image above is an example of our beautiful teddy bears you can find in our store, they have a quinceañera dress with a crown and matching earrings and a cute bracelet. You can get this lovely quinceañera teddy bear over here:

2.- Bracelets.

This is an inexpensive gift that will be appreciated. Bracelets, depending on what is engraved on them, may mean different things or different emotional values, so, here you can check religious and beautiful bracelets that she will love. Get some examples here:

3.- Letters.

Are you a close friend of her? Writing a letter for her with all your thoughts, feelings and emotions will be appreciated more than material gifts and your words will be on her heart forever.


4.- Money Boxes.

Every girl should have a box to save money. This tool will be useful to be well organized in the begining of her finances; and looks super cute!

We have lovely money boxes decorated with "mis quince años" letters and  beautiful designs. Choose the perfect one for you here:

5.- Quinceañera dolls.

A beautiful doll to give is an amazing gift for your quinceañera. It looks pretty, cute and it is a memorable gift. Here you have some examples of dolls:

Our dolls have amazing quinceañera dresses with popular quinceañera designs. They have a well decorated hair do and beautiful accessories. This definitely will be a perfect quinceañera gift.

1st Sep 2018

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