DIY Princess Centerpiece

This centerpiece is definitely for a princess like you!

This beautiful doll is collocated at the top of this elegant pillar with multi-color lights.

You will surprise to your guest because at night it will look spectacular with all the beautiful lights that the pillar displays.


You can make this elegant centerpiece and save big for your quinces fiesta. You can use this beautiful centerpiece as a favors for your guest as well.


Here’s what you´ll need:

Materials List

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1. 9" Quince Figurine - One #FIG1

2. 6" Tulle Roll - 25 yds. #TUL6

3. 6" Paste Flower Corsage - One #COR2

4. 8" Multicolor Plastic Pillar - One #LPILLG

1.Decorate the doll with a beautiful tull skirt.

Trim the tull with the measures of the doll waits and paste it to the doll. For a shiny look you can add some glitter to the skirt. Wait for a few seconds and let dry the glue

2.Add A Beautiful Pastel Flower Corsage

When the skirt it’s already attached to the doll paste this beautiful corsage as seen in the picture.

3.Paste The Doll

Finally paste the doll to the base and make sure it is securely attached to prevent a fall.

You are all set! We have no doubt that you will become an expert doing your quinces centerpieces!

Have Fun!!

15th Feb 2016 Dulce Rivera

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