DIY Centerpiece

Would you like to make this beautiful centerpiece for your XV party?

It's the perfect idea if you want to save big for your quinces and have spectacular centerpieces.


If you don’t find what is the appropriate material to use, don’t worry we have all the necessary material to make these elegant centerpieces. Here we tell you how!


Materials List

You will need this list of materials, each material has a link which will take you to the specific product in our store so you can find more about it.

Please click on any item below to view each product in our website:

1. 8" Ceramic Large Pillar - One #8PL

2. 10" Latex Magnolia Candle Ring - One #DEC6

3. 7" Round Styrofoam - One #STFM7

4. 5" Decorating Mesh Trim - 10 YDS #MESH5

5. 6" Styrofoam "15" Sign - One #SIGN21

6. 2" Butterfly Decoration - One Dozen #BTF3

Surely you're already realizing how to use each item.

Here are the steps you have to follow:

1.Decor the edges of the ceramic large pillar with the mesh trim as shown in the centerpiece picture. Remember to measure the edges and cut the mesh trim so you can be precisely. This material gives the appearance of diamonds and is very easy to use. The base will look shiny and beautiful.

2.You can add butterflies to your liking or as shown in the picture that is in the middle of the base with a color of your choice. The butterflies that are occupied are in the number 6 of our list. (2 "Butterfly Decoration - One Dozen # BTF3).

3.Since we have the finished base. It's time to work with the material No. 3 of our list (3 7 "Round Styrofoam -. STFM7 One #) Measure the base and trim the mesh to stick on the edge of it.

4.Next up for the base of the Styrofoam paste the Latex Magnolia Candle Ring for a touch of elegance.

5.Paint the Styrofoam "15" Sign with the color of your choice and paste it above the base of the round Styrofoam. As the shown in the centerpiece picture

6.Finally you need to paste the Styrofoam round the pillar.

Make your own combinations of colors into your centerpieces! And enjoy doing the most beautiful centerpieces for your party.

Don’t forget to share your personalized centerpiece with us!

See you on the next DIY!

15th Feb 2016 Dulce Rivera

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