Beauty advices befor your quinces

Your quinces is one of the most important events in your life, getting an amazing party is a must and you should look incredible amazing for that day, that's why we have this advices for your health and skin.

1.- Wash your face every night

It will be better if your use a specific product for that purpose.

2.- Moisten your skin. 

For this you can use different moisturizing lotions and occasionally (like, once a week) you can use a moisturizing mask.

3.- Do not use too much make up the days before your party. 

If you do, your skin might be affected and won’t be clear enough for your party, plus you don’t know how your skin will react with new products.

4.- Eat and sleep enough. 

This will affect your appearance because lack of rest and eating are visible in your face.

5.- Do exercise.

30 minutes a day will do the job. Walk, run, joggle, some dead weight, not so hard and you will look amazing.

6.- Drink enough water. 

You hear this everywhere but it’s real, water will keep your skin bright. 

19th Jan 2019

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