5 Things You Need To Do A Day Before Your Quinces.

1. Family

Take time to thank God and your family for all the work that they are doing in your quinces, and give them as well quality time letting them know that you all love them.


2.Be Calm

The most important day of your fifteenth birthday is tomorrow, and there is no doubt all of us are a little nervous about what will happen in our big day. Dont worry, thinks will work out at best, all that you could have done its already, planned and sure to be successful.


3.Eat Healthy

Try to eat well for the next day to have the strength you need, eat a balanced rich and strong breakfast and meals with vitamins. Also do not skip meals, try to have a happy stomach and prevent a heartburn.


4.Prepare for your look

It is important that if you can anticipate things that can simplify tomorrow morning, would be fine because it would save time for other activities, for example if you are going to put nails, you can advance them before, and you will save a step to your gorgeous look.


5.Sleep Well.

Try to sleep as early as you can to be complete with all your energy’s for your day tomorrow. Remember that tomorrow you will have to get up early to prepare for your party.

Your makeup, hairstyle, etc. And you will have all the vitality you need for all the activities you will have to do.

Be the happiest girl in the world and smile always because all your dreams are going to come true tomorrow!




15th Feb 2016 Dulce Rivera

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