4 Things You Shouldn’t Do At Your Quinceanera Party


1.Don’t arrive late to your party.

Try to be as precise as you can. You don’t want to keep you guests waiting too long. Besides, sticking to a schedule will make you quinceanera go as smoothly as possible. We also recommend asking guests to show up no earlier than one hour before the event. By minimizing tardiness, every one can enjoy the party a little longer!

2.Don’t get angry.

Your quinceanera is a once in a lifetime event. Even if something doesn’t go as planned, try to stay calm. Chances are something unexpected will happen, but remember to handle things slowly and be positive. Also, keep in mind that you will remember this day forever! It is better to do have a positive attitude in order to make your quinceanera a joyous experience. You might also want to appoint something to handle the unexpected. This could be your mom, a sponsor, or a party planner.

3.Don’t forget to organize.

Staying organized will ensure that you have as little malfunctions as possible. For example, it is a good idea to create a seating chart for larger parties. Also, create a program and an itinerary so your guests know what to expect in your quinceanera. The program might include who is in your court of honor, the songs you will dance to, and who the sponsors were for your event. If there will be many small children at your quinceanera, you might also want to specify a play area just for them. Try to think of all the little details ahead of time, so that your quinceanera is a pleasant experience for everyone.

4.Not having the important things you will need.

It is important to keep in a bag or suitcase all the things that you will occupy in your party, like makeup, your clothes If you are going to realize a performance, your hair accessories, etc.. Because sometimes things forget and finally we don’t use on the day of the party. Try to prepare all the things the day before your party.

15th Feb 2016 Dulce Rivera

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